Terms & Conditions

Fees, Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions (these “Terms”) govern the work performed by Radvine Strategies, LLC (“Radvine”), and all fees, associated with the Website Scope of Work (the “SOW”) between Radvine and yourself or the entity that you represent (collectively, “Client”). By acknowledging these Terms, Client agrees to be bound by the Terms within.

  1. Overview

Radvine will perform website design and development to cover the items as outlined in the SOW. Any additional features, functionality, development, or other work performed that falls outside this SOW, and is requested by Client, will be subject to the fee structure (“Additional Fees”) outlined in these Terms.

  1. Client Responsibilities

Client shall provide all requested branding assets including, but not limited to, logos, color palettes, branding guidelines, images, website content. Client agrees to utilize ProofHub (Radvine’s project management application), or any other project communication software as specified by Radvine, for all communication related to project implementation. Client agrees to payment terms as outlined in any/all SOW’s and as referenced in the Master Services Agreement (MSA).

  1. Third Party API Usage

Refer to Master Services Agreement (MSA) paragraph 4.b

  1. Project Management & Communication

Radvine will assign a project manager to Client’s account for the purpose of managing all production phases, timelines, and client communication. The project manager will facilitate a website kick-off meeting with Client that shall mark the launch of the project and the start of Client’s production timeline. In lieu of regular e-mail correspondence, all communication between Radvine and Client, as it relates to project(s) outlined in the applicable SOW’s, will take place in ProofHub, a third-party project management software application. Radvine will create a ProofHub user account for Client and will provide training on how to access and utilize the application.

  1. Publicity

Radvine may, at its discretion, place a credit line on Client’s website with active link to Radvine’s website. Additionally, Client agrees to the Publicity statement as outlined in Master Services Agreement (MSA) paragraph 9.g


  1. Out of Scope Services

Refer to Master Services Agreement (MSA) paragraph 7

  1. Fees & Payments

All fees will be outlined in an executed SOW between Radvine and Client. Client agrees, unless otherwise stated in writing and agreed to by Radvine and Client, to provide credit card or ACH information for the purpose of paying any/all fees associated with SOW(s). Credit Card or ACH information will be gathered by Radvine’s project management team prior to the website kick-off meeting.

  1. Website Accessibility

Radvine will provide Content Management System (CMS) credentials which will allow Client to access the “back end” of their website for the purpose of adding content. For Client’s not on a “subscription” model, all website updates will be the responsibility of Client and/or Client’s authorized representatives. Radvine is not responsible for website errors caused as a direct result of Client’s accessing the CMS. All Clients, “subscription” and “managed”, will receive 1 hour of CMS user training.

Any content changes not specified in the SOW will be subject to additional fees as outlined in paragraph IX of this document.

  1. Suspension of Services

In the event that Client defaults on payments as agreed to in the SOW, Radvine reserves the right to suspend all services as outlined in the Master Services Agreement paragraph 5.c

  1. Additional Fees
    1. Monthly Visits: Under the hosting plan provided in this SOW, Client website is eligible for up to 100,000 monthly website visits. A website visit is calculated as the number of unique daily visits to a website each month. For example: if a unique visitor accesses a site 3 times in one day, that visitor will only count as 1 daily visitor. Visitor traffic exceeding 100,000 monthly visits is subject to additional fees. If Client website exceeds 100,000 monthly visits, and prior to Radvine assessing additional fees, Radvine will notify Client of potential additional fees and/or offer Client a subsequent hosting plan.
    2. Online Form Submission: Client website will allow up to 1,000 form submission per month. Additional form submissions will be invoiced to Client at a rate of $5 per 100 additional submissions.
    3. Form Fill Payment Processing: If needed, and not otherwise provided by Client, Radvine will install third-party payment processing on Client’s website. The payment processing SaaS (Software as a Service) fee will be billed to Client at $58 per month. The payment processing software fees are governed by paragraph 4.b in the Master Services Agreement. If additional development is needed to properly install payment software on Client’s site, Client agrees to pay for additional development time as outlined in section 11.a of this document.
    4. Product Menu | Food Menu Items: Additional product or food menu items added to Client’s site, and not otherwise covered in the SOW, will be invoiced a one-time setup fee of $2 per additional item.
    5. Website Call Tracking: In certain circumstances, Client may want to install a call tracking number on one or more of their website pages. Call tracking numbers (CTN) are unique telephone numbers that ring through to the Client’s main telephone. CTN’s allow the Client to track and record telephone calls coming from visitors to specific locations on their website. While active, each CTN will be invoiced at $30 per month.
    6. Monthly Google Analytics Reporting: Clients have the option to purchase monthly Google Analytics (GA) reporting to help them determine the individual demographics of visitors to their website. Radvine will provide a digital GA report to be emailed to Client on the first day of each month. This report will document website activity, as tracked through GA, from the previous month. GA reporting will be invoiced at $45 per month for each unique domain name.
    7. Internal Page Development: Client’s website will have a homepage + the number of internal pages as specified in the SOW. Additional pages can be developed to meet the Client’s specifications and will be invoiced at $250 each.
    8. Stock Photography: Radvine will include Client’s original photography in Client’s website design, when provided. Additionally, Radvine will provide industry specific stock photography to satisfy the design requirements as specified by Client. Stock photography will be provided as stated in the SOW. Additional stock photography is available and, when needed and approved by Client, will be invoiced at $29 per stock photo.
    9. CMS | Admin Panel Training: Whether Client is considered “subscription” or “non-subscription”, Radvine will provide access to, and training on the website content management system (CMS) as defined in the SOW. Training will include, but not limited to, guidance on how to access the “back-end” of the website, add text or image content, and how to make minor changes to colors or other design features. Each additional hour of CMS training requested by Client will be invoiced at $90 per hour.


  1. Development & Content Update Fees
    1. Development: Development includes, but is not limited to, the creation of new features or pages to be included on Client’s website. Development can include specific coding or other programming that “adds to” the initial structure of a website. In some cases, new design specifications will fall under the definition of Development. For subscription customers, new development requests will be invoiced at $100 per hour. For non-subscription customers, new development will be invoiced at $135 per hour – hourly rates for development are invoiced in 30-minute increments.
    2. Content Updates: Different than “development”, content updates include the addition or update of text, photos, buttons, forms, and other minor design adjustments. For subscription customers, these updates are included in the monthly fee as specified in the SOW. Monthly content updates are not included for non-subscription clients but are available as an a la carte service. Content update requests that exceed the allocated amount defined in the SOW are subject to the following fees: $90 per hours for subscription clients, and $125 per hour for non-subscription clients – hourly rates for content updates are invoiced in 15 minute increments.


  1. Content Update Requests

For “subscription” clients, content updates are provided as specified in the SOW and are placed in Radvine’s production queue on a first come, first served basis. Radvine recommends that all requests are received 5-7 business days before the update is needed “live” on Client’s website. In certain situation, expedited content updates are available and may be subject to fees as outlined in paragraph 11.b of this document.


  1. E-Commerce

E-Commerce website development requires custom pricing. Please contact Radvine to learn more about this option.