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4 Promotional Strategies for Your Business

by | Apr 1, 2018

Product promotion is an essential part of your business. Businesses suffer when management takes a passive role in marketing. To produce a comprehensive and active promotional strategy for your business, follow the tips below.


1. Product Giveaways and Samples

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Product samples and giveaways are a direct path to the consumer. To be effective with this approach, make sure you are also highlighting brand recognition. Consider printing your logo on small gifts or dress the free products in appealing packaging that bears your business logo. Also, be sure that your approach is tactful and professional, not like the mall kiosk stalkers.


2. Social Media and Email

Consumers are overwhelmed by social media and email. This doesn’t mean these platforms shouldn’t be part of your marketing brand; it just means that originality is vital. Instead of simply posting ads on social media, write engaging content that includes images. Try to make personal connections by being responsive to inquiries or asking open-ended questions that allow consumers to respond. People love to talk about themselves, so be an outlet for them. Email distributions can also be personalized by asking what information or products a customer is interested in.


3. Contests

Contests are excellent marketing tools. Entering a prize drawing or contest brings out people’s innate competitive spirit. It is also a valuable tool for gathering consumer information for further marketing purposes. Entry slips into a contest should include a person’s phone number and email address at the minimum. This information can then be used to add them to email distribution lists.


4. Partner With a Charity

Businesses very often overlook charities. Collaborating with charities has a two-fold reward. First, it allows for business recognition. Most charities will reward contributions with promo material and other recognition at events. Consumers you would not typically reach in your own market are then introduced to your brand. Second, involvement with charitable organizations shows that your organization is altruistic and socially conscious. Consumers are encouraged when companies care about more than just sales numbers.