Mobile applications are facing fierce competition. Today, it has become difficult to make your app known to as many people as possible if you don’t have the keys to promote a mobile application properly. With millions of applications on the Google Play Store, Apple Store, Amazon Store, and the Microsoft Store, you have to succeed in making a place in this exploding mobile application market.

Therefore, knowing how to promote a mobile app has become mandatory, and the possibilities are numerous. Here, you will discover the different ways to achieve this!

Promoting a Mobile Application

Referencing your application in the stores is not enough as it often makes it visible to certain users only. Therefore, it is necessary to turn to the promotion of your application, and there are two types: paid and free, each having its own advantages. Instead, they should be used together for the best results.

Promote a Mobile App for Free

  • If you have the time or the budget, you can create a website with a detailed homepage that acts as a landing page and regular blog posts to help with SEO. It allows you to present your application in a more personalized way than on your app store page. You will also be able to attract new users.
  • An excellent way to bring traffic and create a community is by creating accounts on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok. Make yourself known via these networks to gain visibility:
    • create posts regularly
    • respond to comments
    • encourage action and sharing
  • Do not create accounts on different networks if you cannot maintain a regular rate of qualitative posts.
  • Talk about your app as much as possible around you! Nothing better than word of mouth to convert new people to your app.
  • There is a fourth type of promotion between paid and free, depending on how you do it and your opportunities. It is communication in the press (print, TV, radio, etc.). It is possible to contact other websites so that they talk about you, for a fee or in exchange for visibility.

The only drawback these free promotions have are that they are relatively time-consuming, and the results take time to arrive. You still have to try to put them in place because they will be a major asset to your success in the long term.

Paid Advertising for a Mobile Application

Paid advertising is the best way to get results quickly. A well-done app and ads accelerate your growth, and the initial investment will pay off.

  • The first way to get paid advertising for a mobile app is to contact influencers on social media to talk about your app in exchange for a one-time payment, or a percentage of the sales/installs you will generate. Be careful about how the influencer talks about your app and ensure that their audience corresponds to your target audience.
  • The second way is the creation of sponsored campaigns through Facebook and Google. We advise you to prioritize these communication channels as they allow you to control the creation, the configuration, and the budget.

Campaign for Facebook Ads App

Create campaigns through the Facebook Ads Manager with the “App install” objective specifically designed to promote mobile apps. You will then have to associate your application with Facebook, choosing an optimization objective, images, videos, titles, descriptions, calls to action, etc.

Google Ads App Campaign

Google Ads allows you to display ads for your application in Google search results, the Google Play Store, on YouTube, Discover, Display, etc. This is possible by creating a campaign with the objective “Promotion of an application.” The configuration of Google campaigns for applications is even more advanced than on Facebook. You will need to call on Social Ads experts if you do not want to unnecessarily spend your budget.

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