Edmond Mobile Meals

Website Design, Video Production


Edmond Mobile Meals is a non-profit charitable organization, and has operated independently since 1974. Their mission is to provide nourishing meals to elderly and disabled persons who are unable to prepare meals for themselves. The meals and daily contact by caring volunteers allow frail, homebound persons to remain independent and in their own homes.

The Challenge

Edmond Mobile Meals chose RadVine to help them redesign their website and produce a new brand video. The website design needed a refresh and visitors needed to be able to find information easier. In addition, their volunteer and service applications needed to be converted to online forms.

The Process

We met with the team at Edmond Mobile Meals to discuss their goal and objectives for the website redesign and brand video. They wanted the website design to be appealing, yet simple. It was important to them to make it simple for visitors to submit volunteer or service applications. They also needed a new brand video to tell their story and show the impact they have in the Edmond community.

The Solution


We gave the website a fresh, simple design that uses powerful photos that show the impact they have on the homebound and elderly of Edmond. They also needed to convert their service and volunteer applications into online forms. The site receives regular monthly updates with new events and campaigns posted on the home page.


We produced a brand video to tell the story of Edmond Mobile Meals and show the impact that they have on the homebound and elderly of Edmond. We were able to achieve that through the use of powerful scenes of volunteers visiting clients and interviews with employees.


Day to Approve New Volunteers

The process to approve volunteers previously could take 7 or more days. After converting the paper application to an online system, we significantly reduced administrative time and achieved same day approval.

Video Views

There have been over 5,600 video views on social media since this video was promoted.