In an increasingly visual culture like ours, the relevance of video in our daily lives is key to a content marketing strategy. However, it is a type of content that, although it can provide significant benefits, can consume a good part of our resources if it is not done correctly. Here we tell you the most common mistakes with video production and how to avoid them.

Common Mistakes with Video Production

The current attention span of users is just eight seconds. That is why it is essential to capture your audience’s attention from the first moment and make the most of resources. However, there are some common mistakes with video production.

Making Extra Long Videos

Our goal should be to get to the point and impact and engage from the first frame of the video. If the video is very long, we run the risk of progressively losing our audience. Therefore, the ideal duration for a brand is between 60 and 90 seconds. Also, keep in mind that to publish them on social networks, they must be brief. For example, Instagram does not currently allow videos longer than 1 minute. Not only the duration counts. Also, limit your video to a single message, clear and concise. We want the audience to get the message and for that message to have an added value.

Strengths at the End of the Video

For the same reason as the previous point, you should not put the strong points, the arguments for your sale, at the end of the video since you risk losing a good part of your audience and, by extension, potential leads. Place them (naturally and not forcefully) at the beginning of the video, and leave the added details for the end.

Lack of SEO Strategies

Video marketing is like any other type of content. Ensure that your video contains all the correct keywords and that these are relevant to the content and your brand, and implement a specific positioning strategy for videos.

A Missing Call-to-Action

This is another missed opportunity. If your audience finishes watching the video and you don’t direct them to anything, you could lose a lot of leads. Always introduce a call-to-action: “Follow us on social networks,”, “Visit our website,”, etc.

Lack of Plan

As in any type of content creation, analytics and planning are essential. The biggest common mistake is producing a video without planning or defined goals. It is mandatory to define goals and plan for the smooth running of all the processes, from video production to distribution. Planning also involves defining the audience. A lack of audience can significantly hurt your conversion rate, making your entire video irrelevant.

The Video doesn’t Identify with Your Brand

One of the most common mistakes is to focus so much on the planning, execution and production of the video that we forget to apply the factors that we already have in our content marketing strategy. That is to say: if we make a spectacular video, but the audience cannot identify it with our brand and with the rest of our content, it is useless. “Mark it” with small pieces of your identity: your logo, website, links to your social networks and blog. Video marketing must be part of a larger strategy. Why do you make the video? What goals have you set
for yourself with its realization? For whom (what target) do you launch it? Without the answers to these questions, the video will be practically useless.

Good video production requires time, perseverance, planning, and patience, and you won’t get immediate results. However, in the long term, it is a very effective tool for building customer loyalty since it provides incalculable added value that other formats do not. So, entrust your video production to experts and connect with your potential audience. RadVine Marketing is a digital marketing agency that provides top-tier marketing solutions customized to your unique business needs. The RadVine Marketing experts have years of experience producing engaging and shareable content for their clients. Call us at 405.212.9432 or visit our website for more information.