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The Key Elements of Effective Web Design: User Interface

Our BlogDid you know that 79% of all web users exit a brand’s website in seconds when they are unhappy with the brand’s web design? Here’s more alarming news - mobile users are 5X more likely to do this if websites aren’t properly optimized for mobile. When it comes...

Warning: Losing Money by Not Implementing Web Strategy

Our Blog Most clients I have discover meetings with always say the same thing when it comes to updating their website. The simple response is; I have a website so why do I need to update the look or functionality of it. The simple fact, is that marketing and sales is...

4 Promotional Strategies for Your Business

Our Blog   Product promotion is an essential part of your business. Businesses suffer when management takes a passive role in marketing. To produce a comprehensive and active promotional strategy for your business, follow the tips below.   1. Product...

The Secret of Logos

Our Blog Logos are some of the most effective marketing tools in the advertising world. When creating a logo for your business, it’s important to consider a few basic rules. Developing an effective logo will ensure brand recognition and create familiarity for...

What You Should Know About Valentine’s Day Marketing

Our Blog Consumer studies have shown that men and women shop differently for Valentine’s Day. Women buy for more people but spend less overall. Men spend more, but with a focus on less people. Men are also most apt to visit specialty jewelry or boutique stores. How...

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